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Cotobox Privacy Policy

Policy for Privacy Information

Cotobox, Inc. (hereinafter referred to “we”) pay the utmost attention to privacy information protection for all the people concerned including users. Our policy for privacy information is as follows.

Applicable Scope

Privacy policy provided below (hereinafter referred to “this policy”) is a part of Cotobox’s Terms of Use, and apply to users when using our services. Therefore, definition of terms in this policy has the same meaning as terms in Cotobox’s Terms of Use.

Links to websites managed and operated by a third party, registered experts and advertisements by a third party, advertisers are posted on our website. However, this policy doesn’t apply to privacy information on users acquired by the third party. A case where personal information is provided to the third party by us is defined in this policy .

Article 1 (Gathered user information and gathering method thereof)

In this policy, “user information” is personal information (means “personal information” defined in Act on the Protection of Personal Information. The same applies to hereafter.), information to identify individual users indirectly, action history on a communication service (including browsing history and search history on a web page), and other information generated or stored relating to users or users’ terminals in users’ smartphones and PC terminals or the like, which gathered by us based on this policy. User information gathered by us in this service is as follows according to gathering method thereof.

  1. Information provided by users
    In order to use this service, information provided by users is as follows.

      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • Email Address
      • Sex, Date of Birth
      • Other information users enter in entry form set by us
  2. Information provided, after your allowing link with other services, by the other services, when users use this service
    If users allow link with external services like Social Network Service when using this service, based on the content users agree, we gather following information from the other external services.

      • Users’ ID in the other external services
      • Other information that users allow link destinations to disclose in the other external services’ privacy setting
  3. Information we gather when users use this service
    There may be cases in which we gather information regarding access status to this service and use method therefor. This includes following information.

      • Terminal Information
      • Log Information
      • Cookie and Anonymity ID
      • Location Information

Article 2 (Purpose of Utilization)

  1. We use user information for providing this service as defined in paragraph 2, and for other purposes as defined in paragraph 3.
  2. Concrete purposes of utilization for user information in connection with providing this service are as follows.
      1. For providing, maintaining, protecting and improving this service, like accepting registration, identity verification, and use charge calculation for this service
      2. For procedures for withdrawal and cancellation of this service, and aftercare.
      3. For guiding and responding inquiries, etc. regarding this service
      4. For requesting, contacting, and delivering presents for questionnaires and campaigns regarding this service
      5. For handling of violation of our terms and policy, etc. regarding this service (hereinafter referred to “terms, etc.”)
      6. For notifying of change of terms, etc. regarding this service
      7. For researching and analyzing use situation etc. of this service
      8. For purposes of utilization associated with the above purposes of utilization
  3. Purposes of utilization except defined in paragraph 2 are as follows.
      • For creating statistical data processed in non-identify individual formats in connection with our service
        This includes following information.
        ・Terminal Information
        ・Log Information
        ・Cookie and Anonymity ID
        ・Location Information
      • For distributing or displaying our and/or third parties’ advertisement
        This includes following information.
        ・Terminal Information
        ・Log Information
        ・Cookie and Anonymity ID
        ・Location Information
      • For using other marketing
        This includes following information.
        ・Email Address
        ・Date of Birth
        ・Other information users enter in entry form set by us
  4. We do not use personal information beyond the scope of Purpose of Utilization in this policy at the time of gathering.If we need to use personal information beyond the scope of the original Purpose of Utilization, we do after obtaining your prior consent.

Article 3 (Method for notifying/publishing, or acquiring a consent, requesting the stop of use)

  1. Following user information should be gathered after obtaining users’ consent.
    ・Terminal Information
    ・Location Information
  2. Users can make use suspension request for a full of or a part of user information by making prescribed settings of this service. In this case, in accordance with decisions made by us, information use is suspended quickly. However, depending on items of user information, this service is subject to gathering or using user information. Therefore, we stop gathering user information only when the withdrawal is performed by our prescribed method.

Article 4 (User Information Management)

We endeavor to enlighten and improve employees’ awareness by regularly providing internal education etc. regarding protection for security, privacy, and personal information. Also, we take every preventive measure for protecting gathered user information, and it is protected in both online and offline. In addition, we pay scrupulous attention to handling user information with using technologies such as hacking detection, firewall and SSL, and it can be accessed only by a person who have authorization based on the operational requirement.

Article 5 (Provision to A Third Party)

We do not provide personal information out of user information to a third party without user’s prior consent, unless permitted to disclose based on personal information protection law and other laws and regulations. However, it does not apply to following cases.

  1. Cases in which we outsource handling of all/a part of personal information within a scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use
  2. Cases in which personal information is provided as a result of the succession of business in a merger or otherwise
  3. Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which obtaining the consent of users is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned
  4. Other cases in which personal information protection law and other laws and regulations allow.

Article 6 (Disclosure of Personal Information)

In cases in which users request for personal information disclosure based on personal information protection law, after checking whether the request is by the user principal, we disclose to users without delay (when the personal information doesn’t exist, we notify as such.). However, it does not apply to cases in which we have no duty to disclose based on personal information protection law and other laws and regulations. Please note that regarding disclosure of personal information, we charge a commission (1 case/5,000 yen). Please be understanding of this matter.

Article 7 (Correction and Termination of Use, etc for Personal Information)

  1. In cases in which users (1) request correction of the content based on personal information protection law by a reason that personal information is not true , and (2) request termination of use based on personal information protection law by a reason that personal information is handled beyond the the scope of previously published Purpose of Utilization or is gathered through deception or other improper means, after checking whether the request is by the user principal, we do necessary research without delay. Based on the result, we do correction or termination of use for personal information, and notify users as such. Please note that when we decide not to do correction or termination of use based on reasonable reasons, we notify users as such.
  2. In cases in which users request deletion of users’ personal information, when we consider that it is necessary to comply with the request, we delete personal information, and notify users as such.
  3. Based on personal information protection law and other laws and regulations, the provisions in the 2 preceding paragraphs do not apply to cases in which we have no duty for correction and termination of use, etc.

Article 8 (About Google Analytics and Cookie)

In our website, Google Analytics is used for analysing and improving our website. At that time, Google may set Cookie on your browser for gathering data, and read existing Cookie. Also, a web browser during using this service sends Google specific non-personal information (for example, web address and IP address for accessed pages, etc.) automatically. Our website may use these information to grasp website use situation, to improve website use experience, and to introduce use tendency as contents.
By using this website, users are deemed to give permission for data processing by Google and a site manager for the above methods and purposes.
Google Analytics Service Terms of Use and Google Inc., Privacy Policy define methods for gathering and using access information by Google, Inc.,
Cookie is a code that the website (or third party services such as Google Analytics) stores information in a user device’s browser and retrieves it later. However, please be assured that website managers cannot grasp user’s name, date of birth, phone number, and email address etc. from Cookie set by our website. Please note that users can refuse the receipt of Cookie by browser’s setting. If you wish, please refer to the following link.
■Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On

Article 9 (Inquiry Counter)

Please contact us at the address below for opinions, questions, complaints and other inquiries for handling user information.
2-2-14 Kandamisaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

cotobox, Inc.

Article 10 (Change Procedure for Privacy Policy)

We review operational status for handling user information appropriately to endeavor to continuously improve, and as necessary, change this policy. When this policy is changed, we report to users in a specified method described in our website. However, in cases in which the change includes the content which needs users’ consent under laws or regulations, we obtain users’ consent in our predetermined method.

Supplementary Provisions
Established and enforced on July 15th 2016
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