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1区分52,300円〜 (including application and registration)

Easier to understand than anywhere else.
More reasonable than anywhere else.

The reason for the lowest price in the industry*1

Low prices brought about by new technology

By using AI technology to reduce intermediate costs, the price is about a quarter of the market price compared to general trademark registration services. We support the brand protection of all companies by making trademark registration, which used to be a high hurdle, instantly accessible.

Conventional services※2 Cotobox※3
Research fee 0yen 〜38,000yen 0yen
Application fee 50,000yen 〜80,000yen 6,600yen
Registration fee 40,000yen 〜60,000yen 16,500yen
Patent Stamp Fee 29,200yen 29,200yen
Total 119,200yen 〜

1 As of October 1, 2018, we compared 12 businesses that allow online applications, including Cotobox, and determined that the lowest trademark registration fees in the industry are those that are within a 10 percent difference between the highest and lowest prices.
2 As of October 1, 2018, based on our research.
3 This is the price for one category in Cotobox.

Trademark application and registration prices

In addition to the basic plan that allows you to file a trademark application at a minimal cost, you can also add the full support option that provides you with the full support of a patent attorney.

Price Simulator

Number of classification

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  • Application Service

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  • Consumption tax at the time of application

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  • Patent stamp fee (application)

    {{ applyPrintFee.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

  • A. Total fee at the time of application

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  • Service fee upon registration
    (15,000 yen per category)

    {{ registrationUsageFee.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

  • Consumption tax at the time of registration

    {{ registrationTax.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

  • Patent stamp fee (registration)
    (In the case of a patent obtained within 5 years)

    {{ registrationPrintFee.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

  • B. Total fee at registration

    {{ registrationSubTotalFee.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

  • Total

    {{ totalFee.toLocaleString() + 'yen' }}

*We provide software to assist users in preparing their own trademark registration application documents. This is a project utilizing the gray zone elimination system of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
*Paralegals provide assistance to patent attorneys, e.g., preparatory hearings on requested cases.
*In the case of a directive to amend or a notice of reasons for refusal, the fee for drafting a statement of opinion starts at 30,000 yen and that for drafting a statement of reasons for amendment starts at 10,000 yen. However, the above fees may increase or decrease depending on the number and content of reasons for refusal.
*The fee for requesting an accelerated examination is 30,000 yen. In order to be granted accelerated examination, certain conditions must be met. Please contact us for details.
*All amounts listed are inclusive of tax. Patent attorney fees are subject to withholding at source.

Detail of service fees

The following services are included in the basic fee.

Basic services
Similar trademark search service
We use AI to easily search for identical or similar trademarks.
Automatic preparation of application documents
Application documents are automatically prepared when you apply for this service.
The application documents will be checked (or revised) by a patent attorney before being submitted to the Patent Office.
Progress check service of application status
You can check the progress of your trademark case on the management screen after application. You will be automatically notified when your rights are due for renewal.
Customer Service
Online chat service and telephone support
Support by Patent Attorney
Preliminary examination to determine whether to file an application
Support by Patent Attorney
Checking of application documents
Support by Patent Attorney
Filing of applications with the Patent Office on behalf of the applicant

Payment method


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