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Thought and feelings

株式会社Markership CEO 高野 様
Shintaro Takano,
Makership Inc. CEO

I was able to file a high quality application
in a very short time.

Shintaro Takano,
Makership Inc. CEO

Before using Cotobox, we spent a lot of time and energy for preparing documents when filing trademark applications. Thanks to Cotobox, we can prepare reliable documents in a very short of time. We are released from an invisible waste of our time and our stress of preparing documents I have no confidence.
Application agency service is a part of plan, so all we do is "JUST WAIT". I can't be more pleased with my this services with this low price.

Kepple会計事務所 代表、株式会社ケップル 代表取締役 神先 様
Kepple会計事務所 代表
株式会社ケップル 代表取締役
神先 様

I was able to take procedures from filing to managing my trademarks
really easily online.

Takahiro Kanzaki, Kepple Accounting Office CEO,
KEPPLE Co., Ltd. President.

I used the premium plan that includes full attorney support. I got detailed advice that fit perfectly for my growing business, and it really helped me understand how to protect my brand legally.
I could say that I will be okay without having someone assigned to this, because trademark information can be managed by Cotobox easily, I would be able to grasp the situation. If I got all my wishes granted, it would be great if you were able to do international trademark filings as well.

アディッシュ株式会社 取締役 杉之原 様
Akiko Suginohara,
Directer of adish Co., Ltd.

Super reliable service to meet our requests
for speedy responses!

Akiko Suginohara,
Directer of adish Co., Ltd.

Above all else, the response is precise and speedy. Our line of business is extremely fast paced, and my Cotobox attorney was able to keep up the whole time. I'm very happy with my experience and will definitely register using this again.

株式会社ノモス CEO 渋谷 様
Yuko Shibuya,

Same day filing.
Astonishing speed and prices.

Yuko Shibuya,

I found Cotobox through a business client who recommended the service to me when I was thinking about filing a trademark application to register. I went on the website and started my application right away, and was able to file my application to the JPO in the same day. I saved a lot of money and am very thankful for it.

プロトスター株式会社 CEO 前川 様
Hidemaro Maekawa,
Protostar Inc. CEO

I knew nothing about registering trademarks,
and I was able to do it very easily.

Hidemaro Maekawa,
Protostar Inc. CEO

I always have understood how important registering my trademark is, but I had put it off because of the costs and dedication required to go through with it.
Cotobox changed all of that, as someone who knows nothing about the registration process (as myself) was able to do trademark research and easily get my trademark registered at a very reasonable price. I think they're democratizing trademark registration!