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What is Cotobox?

Fast and easy online service
for trademark filing

Upon hitting on a name which you don't want to be followed suit,
request us to file and register it as your trademark online.
Cotobox's newest AI technology can
reduce your time and costs from filing to registration of your trademark.


4 Reasons as to why Cotobox

Easy E-filing

We offer simple online filing. No need to prepare difficult documents.

Reasonable Pricing

Search trademarks with us for free. The newest AI technology can realize the lowering of the cost for trademark registration.

Chat with Us

Any questions? Just ask our trademark filing specialists. We're always here to help.

Manage it All

Registering with Cotobox allows you to manage all your registered trademarks in one place. We'll even remind you when it's time to renew.


Get an attorney to file and register trademarks
for you at the lowest industry prices.

By using AI technology, intermediate costs are thoroughly eliminated.
This is why we can give you a great
attorney at the lowest industry prices.

Why the lowest industry prices?
1 class for 5 years¥ 49,400 〜*includes gov fees

How it works

Get started and done online in 3 minutes at the shortest.Leave the rest
to our experienced attorneys.

1 day
  • Trademark Research
    Search to find out if someone is already using your name or logo. It's as simple as entering it into a form.
  • Request for filing an application
    Filling out our online form and paying the application fee to start the registration process. Our customer support staff is available to help via chat.
  • Get your application filed
    Your application will be filed with the Japan patent office (JPO) by your attorneys as soon as they gather additional information from you via our message function.
9 Months
  • Examination by the JPO
    The JPO takes about 11 months to examine trademarks. We'll let you know via e-mail as soon as they're done.
  • Pay Registration Fees
    Once your application is granted, pay the registration fee for it online. Your work is done!
  • Complete Registration of Trademark
    You will receive a Certificate of Registration issued by the JPO in the mail.

Client Testimonials

We're thankful for our many,
very happy customers.

I was able to submit a high quality application in a very short time.

Shintaro Takano, Makership Inc. CEO

Filing an application with the JPO within a day.
Astonishing speed and prices.

Yuko Shibuya, NOMOS Inc. CEO

Not only filing an application, but also managing my registered trademark, I was easily able to do by myself online.

Takahiro Kanzaki, President of KEPPLE Co., Ltd